Blue Arcana

This series is my personal tarot card deck. The cards are being revealed to me one by one face up on the table. I started making collages as my own little secret pleasure, one thing led to another and now I can’t stop. PS. I shot the cup of coffee on the home page at a cafe in Shoreditch in 2011.


Songs For Everyone

This is a project about human condition. It’s about coming to terms with the fact we are not as unique and complicated as we would like to think. Shot in Thailand, Ladakh, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.


Urban Stories

One of the things I love most is walking aimlessly around cities with a camera. Urban streets provide a unique wealth in shapes, details and all sorts of creative triggers. Updated regularly.

Million Street

Past and present meet in the middle of the desert. A revival of bedouin traditions, with more that 1500 camel owners and dozens of thousands of animals coming together for the great festival in Al Dhafra, a desert region in the United Arab Emirates, close to the borders to Saudi Arabia.


East Coast

Adventures in Zanzibar and Phemba Island. I still remember that unbelievable flight with the tiny 6-seat toy-plane. Phemba, an island about 2 hours off the coastline between Tanzania and Kenya, is a whole hidden world where time has stopped.


UAE Archive

This a is a work in progress. After 5 years of roaming around in the deserts of the Emirates taking pictures, there is a vast amount of raw material on UAE heritage and traditional way of life that needs a home.

Kodak Nation

What happens when a man loves all things vintage and also everything about analog photography process of yore? These figures are a manifestation of my obsessive devotion to the black and white dark room occult practices during most of my troubled youth.


Akwaaba Ghana

I found myself in Accra in 2006 almost by accident. It was my first experience in central Africa. After spending 4 months there I realised that travelling and moving around will become a way of life for me.