K O D A K    N A T I O N

What happens when a man loves all things vintage and also everything about analog photography process of yore? Well, KODAK NATION, that's what. These figures are a manifestation of my obsessive devotion to the black and white dark room occult practices during most of my troubled youth. Most of the reminders and souvenirs from that clumsy period of my life are gone anyway, due to constant house moving, excessive country hopping, flooded basements and ultimately a couple of self-combusting bulky hard drives in the 90s that destroyed most the scanned stuff. 

I really had fun creating those characters, especially since, as it turned out, all seven of them possess qualities that I usually look for in my close friends: They look quite serious and sometimes a tiny bit rigid, but hanging out long enough, one soon will inevitably discover that they can appreciate the hidden pleasures of being weird or just simply ridiculous. They carry themselves in a poised, slightly dark and sometimes over-dramatic manner and have a refined taste for the surreal. Most importantly, they seem to have courage and a sort of innate dignity, all that combined with a generous amount of self sarcasm (obtained usually by that time in life one finally manages to get over himself). In my book, once we realize it's all a big cosmic joke, that's the only way humans can go on living without mood stabilizers or illusions about flying bearded super-beings. Last but not least, looking at them you just know that they can make a killer pineapple daiquiri, and as we all know that's a superpower not to be underestimated.   

Gerrand Soho

Felix Polaroid 

Electric General

Dr Smena and The Cozmic Symbol

Mr Tri-Vision

Sgt. Sputnik

Sultan Ibrahim, the Monochrome Conqueror

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